With temperatures often exceeding 30°C, summer in South Africa can be a particularly harsh period when it comes to weather. The truth is, the sun can be quite damaging to your car, with certain parts receiving more wear and tear when it’s hot. With this in mind, being prepared for hot conditions is absolutely vital if you are a vehicle owner. In this article, we will be highlighting the steps you can follow to take care of your car in the summer heat.

  • Without a properly functioning air conditioner, you will likely have an incredibly uncomfortable experience as temperatures rise. The truth is, you will need to maintain your vehicle all throughout the year if you want it to be as cool as can be. In some cases, your aircon may need to be regassed. In others, it may be clogged up. If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t working optimally, it’s best to get it checked out to avoid inconvenience.
  • When it’s hot, your engine’s coolant system circulates fluids at a higher temperature. In these instances, the chance of overheating or part failure increases. In order to keep your engine cool in summer, we recommend that you use a coolant or antifreeze with a high boiling point. This will help avoid sudden problems related to the season.
  • In summer, your car battery becomes particularly vulnerable, especially during heat waves. Getting it checked is vital if you wish to pick up any problems before they arise. If you notice that an upcoming week is going to be hotter than usual, it's best to have your battery checked beforehand.
Summer car care doesn’t stop here but this information will certainly put you in a good position as the heat of the season continues. For further vehicle tips, stay tuned to our blog or get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you at any point.