Hatfield VW | VW Group of the Year 2017

At Hatfield VW Pretoria we want to know more about how we can help our customers achieve excellence. Please fill in the below questionnaire to help us help you be more.

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How would you rate VW’s current digital retail experience and use of technology at the dealer?
How did you research the last vehicle you bought? Tick all options which apply.Internet then to the dealer
Obtained info directly from the dealer
Word of mouth
Would you like to receive content on your phone from the dealer of the latest specials?
What is your preferred method of communication when it comes to interacting with dealer staff?
What has been the most memorable sales or service experience you’ve had and what made it so special?
Which company do you consider to be at the forefront of the digital retail experience?
Would a Virtual Reality at the dealer and information stations persuade you to visit the dealer?
Is there an area or current process at the dealer which could be improved with technology?
If yes, please provide details of where and how to improve the sales experience for the customer.
How soon after making an enquiry would you like to receive feedback from a dealer?
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